The Internet has become a major source of gaining popularity and making a business successful by acquiring a large and loyal customerbase. If you wish to make your social media account popular, you need to focus on improving the visual aspects of your account. Since the internet these days is emphasizing heavily on media elements such as images, videos, audio, etc, you need to consider these factors if you wish to gain more followers.

While it is a good idea to improve the quality of your images as much as possible, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer or buy a DSLR camera just to bring good visual aspects to your account.

By focusing on certain points and following simple tips, you can make all your pictures seem fabulous or “insta-worthy” as people call it these days.

The 9 amazing tips for taking amazing social media photos have been listed below!

  1. Use high-resolution images

One of the most important aspects of good photography is to use a camera that has a good resolution. Now you don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR camera for a stunning image resolution, however, it is still important for you to ensure that the picture has at least a decent resolution. If you are using your smartphone camera that has a 1080p resolution, it would be good enough. Try not to use old or blurry images.

  1. Avoid zooming the picture

Adding to the previous point, there is another factor to keep in mind and that is to not zoom the picture. While zooming can be essential in some cases, try to avoid doing it as much as possible. Zooming can deteriorate the resolution of the image which can make the image look less good. If you are using a smartphone camera on top of this, then the image would come out to be low in quality.

  1. Take many pictures

This is something that many people already do hen trying to get the best shot that is “insta-worthy”. Take at least 2-3 shots every time you click a picture to ensure that there is at last one picture that was perfect. If you click only one shot and it is not good enough, you would regret not taking more shots. You will get the perfect shot only after a few attempts.

  1. Try out new camera apps and modes

There are various camera applications available for both Android and iOS Smartphone devices, You should make use of the wide variety of applications available to you and download the best-rated camera apps. These apps can greatly impact both the quality and the style of your photos. If you find a good camera app that makes your pictures look brilliant and better than the stock camera, then keep this app handy for use.

  1. The background is as important as the foreground

When clicking a picture, everyone knows that it is important for the main focus of the image to look good. Whether it is a person or an object, if it does not look good, the image might not come out to be great.

However, there is one lesser-known fact that the background matters as much as the focused object.

You can be dressed amazingly but the background could be so bad that it could make the picture look less good, whereas, you could be looking just normal but the background looks incredible, making the shot look amazing.

So you should always make sure that the background of your picture looks good.

  1. Use additional camera lenses

You can try using various types of smartphone lenses like the fish-eye and the wide-angle lens that could be attached on top of your main camera to create a different type of image that looks unique and attractive. These lenses are quite affordable and do an amazing job of creating a distinct image.

  1. Ensure good lighting conditions

It is important to click the picture in good lighting if you want it to have a good resolution. Lighting makes all the difference in a picture. It could make a person look good or bad depending on the quality of light. This is why it is important to click pictures in a good light unless you want to click night-time pictures or you have a great camera.

  1. Use picture editing tools

There are various picture editing tools available for the smartphone as well as computer devices. PC software is generally a lot mero powerful and can change the image completely. Often PC editing tools can make your pictures look like they were clicked with a DSLR even when they weren’t. but you can also use smartphone editing tools if you just wish to adjust certain elements like exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. These small tweaks can make your picture look a lot better than before.

  1. Unleash your creativeness!

The last but one of the most important methods of making your picture look attractive is to be creative! People will be attracted easily towards something unique and creative compared to something mainstream. If you manage to put up something exciting and different by being creative, it can result in an amazing picture even if all the other points were not even there. Creativeness is thereby, the most important thing that can change a picture entirely.

You can go to some exciting location or make some unique pose that delivers a message. You can try editing the picture to include some attractive text and graphic elements. You can also play with different camera angles to make the pictures look different. By simply using your creative ideas to click attractive pictures, you can improve the quality of your entire social media page and gain more followers in no time!

By keeping all these factors in mind while clicking pictures, you can be sure that the image would be loved by your followers and gain popularity easily.

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