The presence in the social media platform

The social media platform is one of the toughest tools in today’s time. Be it any information, it spreads like wildfire via this within a few minutes. Tapping the full potential of this platform is what is aimed by the small start-ups, large MNCs, budding artists, and other groups, to get connected to their target audience and bring out the engagement with the posts and businesses. With the best form of engagement, the different products of a brand come under the limelight of the audience and gain the required outreach from them.

To achieve this goal, it is very important to first build up such an online community that brings out the positive results in digital marketing and the average size of this lies in millions. Therefore, this article speaks further about the best tips that should be considered for growing the followers on the social media handles.

The best of the best

The following would be the best of the tips to enhance the online community for better engagement and reach of the posts and campaigns:

  1. Engaging contests for the audience

The very first step to add new followers and keep the current audience engaged is organizing different contests on the handle. These can include the types of comments to win, caption challenge, photography contest, trivia quiz, share to win, and many such. Such contests enhance brand awareness and spark the basic interest in the audience for trying the products out.

The success of these can be enjoyed by organic promotion from the social media handle, adhering to the basic cyber rules for these, selecting the perfect rewards for the winners that showcase the best of the brand, and constantly engaging with all of the participants even in the future.

  1. Making video-based content

Videos are the perfect pieces to showcase the messages that are intended to be spread, with more graphics and digital tools and less of the words. The effective video-based contents are the ones that are not excessively lengthy, use a good number of charts and tools to display the information, and are graphically aesthetic to capture the attention of the viewers. Also, keep in mind of sharing these videos directly from the source platform, rather than choosing as ads on Youtube.

  1. Photos speak more than words!

Yes, visuals in any post would garner more views than the ones that are excessively wordy (average of 94% more views when compared to an ordinary post). In today’s time, no one has sufficient time to go through every word and thus would prefer the posts with meaningful pictures or infographics and short captions describing each. Therefore, inculcate such good practices in the promotional posts for catching the attention of the new audience.

  1. The relevant profile picture on the handle

In the case of the businesses, the profile picture should keep changing at regular intervals, preferably just before any new launch into the market. This display picture creates a very positive impact on the overall brand and gives a fair idea to the viewers on the upcoming concepts. Therefore, the ideal picture must be the one that is of the best aspect ratio and also contains one inspiring caption to justify it.

  1. Fast response period

The audience always expects faster responses to any query posted on the social media handles. Recent studies show that particularly on Instagram, users prefer responses within 30 minutes of the posting. Therefore, another tip of growing up the audience is giving fast and efficient replies that clear out their questions and enhances brand awareness. It is necessary to maintain the basic etiquettes on such replies, like greeting the customers and wishing them to thank you for reaching out.

  1. A smart choice of the hashtags

Running trends of the day are defined by hashtags and even on the social media handles, one can search about these by just selecting the option for trending hashtags. Therefore, sharing posts with a very smart choice of hashtags is sure to reach out to the target audience and increase their numbers in the community. Just search for these tags on websites specialized on the hashtags and options would open up on the ones that are trending in the particular field.

  1. Opening up the tagging game

Tagging specific people on any post is sure to spread out the word in the market and spark interests on the content. Just keep encouraging your viewers to tag their friends and acquaintances on the specific posts to which they can relate and then the chain reaction of new followers would begin. Do not follow this tactic on every post and rather select the ones that are bound to create an overall impact.

  1. Paid promotions

Along with all of these mentioned tips, it would also be an added advantage for a brand to spend on paid advertisement campaigns with external agencies. Such ads can promote the content to reach out to the new people and allows the focus to be put upon a specific niche of the audience, rather than going out for a large number.

  1. Humor as a tool!

Humor is a pivotal tool to be eye-catchy amongst the herd that claims to post similar content on the media. Thus, include very relatable humor content like memes on the social media accounts to amuse and relay the message intended for the viewers. Just keep in mind for these to be related to your products and not be any abstract stuff.

  1. Strategic use of social accounts

Not all of the social media accounts rely on the same content. For example, Instagram is popular for a catchy picture with fewer words to describe, whereas Facebook asks for detailed captions. Therefore, fine-tune and tailor out specific posts for each of the social media accounts that can make sense to the target audience accordingly. Use strategic methods to come up with meaningful posts for each platform.

  1. Refrain from fraud packages!

Finally, the last and the most important tip is to refrain from buying any kind of packages that claim to add fake followers and engagement to the posts. Not only do they fail in creating the required impact, but also lead to permanent deletion of the accounts if caught by the moderators.

Therefore, on a concluding note, use a perfect combination of these tips and tricks to plan out the growth route on the social media websites that are organic and effective.

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